Howard Jess

Formerly, one of a group responsible for the administrative interface to TNAS (for TAS - network OS emulating Windows, Netware and Mac file service). Formerly published by Syntax [L1 ], but since the acquisition, by LSI Logic [L2 ].

TNAS is about 70,000 lines of TCL providing a web interface to a set of programs and APIs to manage the TAS software. Building it has been the most fun I've had in a long time! And get this: it's built in TCL 7.6, which has proved more than adequate for anything we've needed. We're upgrading now (to help smooth the transition if we turn it over to a new group); and the upgrade has been pleasantly painless.

Currently, income-free and willing to pitch in!

Boy is that old! Currently (it's 8/2007; since 9/2006) working as a web developer, with no more involvement in TCL other than being interested in how it matures (and in my mind, in some good, but many unfortunate ways).

YABU (yet another bio update: 12/2009): Still working as a front-end web developer; my language options are now pretty much restricted to JavaScript, which is a great language from my point of view; it shares a least a couple of characteristics with TCL:

  • small vocabulary (OK, TCL has effectively no vocabulary, but still ...)
  • terse yet expressive

And, for me, one of the most fun things JavaScript gives is an intro to functional programming, by way of first-class functions. Maybe someday TCL will have true lambdas and closures; I'm sure I'll be playing a lot more TCL when that happens.

If I ever have something to say on the wiki, I'll be HJ.

Find me at mailto:[email protected] .