Advanced Http 1.1 Client using coroutines

CMcC 28Feb09

The package is part of Wub and is named HTTP (to distinguish itself from the tcl library http).

The latest source can always be found here: [L1 ]

The intent of this package is that it be more-or-less stand-alone, and that it be able to integrate into the Wub server so that domain code and utilities can easily make HTTP1.1 outbound connections to other servers (for use in, e.g. OpenId.)

The latest version is somewhat dependent upon Wub utilities for parsing Urls and creating HTTP-compatible dates. These facilities should, arguably, be in tcllib. The package contains a small compatibility library to permit it to stand alone, but there's nothing better than having the originals.

One nice feature is that it uses RS's let unknown know facility to allow [http://whatever] to be recognised as a command to fetch the url.

Old version is in the Half Bakery here: [L2 ]