Hugh Dunne

Ok, let's see.. well, I've been using Tcl/Tk since the early 90's, first at Digital (RIP) and since then, every chance I could get. Currently I'm the architect and tech lead for a test automation system at a fiber optics telecommunications company in Silicon Valley. The system under test has many diverse interfaces - a CORBA layer, TL1 agent, Java client, web server, Oracle database, various low-level telnet-based debugging interfaces - only Tcl could glue them all together, and also make it easy for engineers without a lot of programming experience to write test scripts.

After almost 8 years working with Tcl, I continue to be amazed at how powerful, flexible and versatile it is!

Update, March 2005: I'm now working for a start up company in Chandler, Arizona. Still getting away with using Tcl!

I can be emailed at: Hugh "DOT" Dunne "AT" Computer "DOT" org