Huygens Software

Huygens software refers to different Fluorescence Microscope image processing packages from Scientific Volume Imaging , avaliable for multiple platforms, made for

  • Image Restoration,
  • Interactive Analysis and
  • Volume Visualization

of 2D and 3D Multi Channel microscopy images or Time Series.

The restoration is based on different deconvolution algorithms, that permit the recovery of objects from images that are degraded by blurring and noise.

Huygens software is named after the Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens, famous among other things for his Huygens Principle.

Tcl is ideally suited to provide an interface between the image processing functions of the Huygens Compute Engine and higher levels such as the graphical user interface. At the same time it provides you with a full fledged, well documented scripting environment.

The Huygens Software extends the basic Tcl Tk libraries by adding special commands to handle multidimensional images in a convenient way. Whenever you create or load an image into the Huygens software, a Tcl command is created with the name of the new image.