A trademark compadible mascot for the viral marketing of Tcl.

Master copies can be downloaded at: http://www.etoyoc.com/tao/download/

See Also: Hypnotoad

  Eye spinning

RLH Now that there is funny!

CLN "comPADible"? <groan>

MDD: It needs to be an animated gif, with the eye spinning, I think.

SDW: Working on it...done

MC: Or with a static optical illusion, a'la [L1 ]

M0S: How about this one? http://illusionsetc.blogspot.com/2004/12/enigma.html It makes my eyes hurt.

RFox: Can't wait to see this picked up by ActiveState -- "You will buy Komodo"

SDW: To be without Komodo will bring you pain...