What: Infocetera

 Description: Commercial Web based information management system, with a Tcl based extension framework.  Provides tools such as 
 calendar, room scheduler, address book, todo list, bug and issue tracking, url lists, time sheets, invoice generators, file 
 uploading, slideshows, file system viewers, spreadsheets, charting, chat, white and message boards, outliners, in/out boards, and a 
 personal news desk.
 A 30 day free trial is available.
 Updated: 06/2000

MDD: This is a great system, based on tclhttpd and written by Jeff McWhirter. It also has a very nice wiki tool built-in, so each directory can have its own wiki, to cover various topics, etc., and other Infocetera tools can be embedded in the wiki pages. There's also a feature that integrates a mailing list with each wiki. It's easily extensible with tcl scripts, and supports all the standard tclhttpd features.

Jeroen : Anybody knows what happened with the development of this tool? I use it (for a long time already) for personal information management and still after 4 or 5 years of no development it holds up to many other tools, for me at least. I tried searching the net but can't find a reason why development stopped. Mayby somebody knows more.... And why is it stil on the frontpage of

John Travolta: The link leads to a Chinese site. Maybe this program was a hit in China? It is also mentioned here:

I believe this program is a goner, a has been. Like me. So to speak. :-)

escargo 2015-01-19 - Using the Internet Archive, the last useful capture seems to have been done April 11, 2004: Too bad it isn't available for download anywhere any more. It looks very useful.

Jeroen 2015-01-20 - If you want to download I have it. Just tested it and works out of the box on Windows 8.1 :-). Not using it anymore. Let me know and I will add it somewhere.

PYK 2015-01-19: Jeff McWhirter went on to produce Ramadda , a successor to Infocetera described as "content management for the data enterprise". It's written in Java, and available to the non-profit sector under the MIT license.

RAMADDA is a place to manage all of your digital stuff - from documents, photos and maps to oceanography, genomics and astronomy data.

BW 2015-01-20: Thanks for the follow-up, PYK. It seems that Infocetera is now an ancestor of Rammada. We'll look up Rammada! Chances are it is better than its ancestor. It should be! In any case, if Infocetera is made available somewhere, please let me know. Thanks again.

Jeff McWhirter 2015--2-22: Hi all - this is Jeff McWhirter. Sorry I kind of dropped off the earth for a while with Infocetera. I went off and built 3-D visualization tools for the earth sciences and as BW correctly points out have since gone and developed RAMADDA - a successor to Infocetera. Do check it out as its a big improvement on Infocetera

CJSHayward Is there any way you could make the old Infocetera available for Mac? I think I would find Infocetera useful but am not in a situation dealing with big data sets.