Jochen Loewer Mail [L1 ]

LV is there a replacement web site for the above - I don't seem to be able to find the above one. It would be nice to find where these various pieces of code live.

2005-01-25: working on JSON mid-2004. Tcl-code DCE-IDL compiler, which generates server stubs in C for JSON http server and client stubs in Javascript. unfinished pure-Tcl version.

Author of

  • tDOM see [L2 ]
  • package des [L3 ] used in an extended version [L4 ] of TkVNC for supporting authentication. DES in Tcl
  • package LDAP + ASN in TclLib, pure Tcl

Other Tcl-related projects:

  • package sql -- Informix SQL access with extension (sqlFetch)
  • jolo's wisql -- TK database front end (initially just Informix SQL, but now also HP Allbase, HP Solid, Oracle)
  • httpdm/httpds -- pure tcl webserver (with worker processes, started 1997, use internally and externally, even with SSL (tls)) featuring TclCGI's within safe slave interpreter; rpc communication between master and slaves
  • web reporting -- using httpdm/httpds, sql package
  • gd -- improved plain gd to use variable spaced fonts, X11 helvetica fonts are directly embedded.
  • chart -- (stacked) bar chart/XY chart library using my gdtcl version, used within httpdm/s
  • package sap -- SAP R/3 RFC, allow writing SAP clients _and_ servers in plain Tcl (1998, having sapFetch similar to sqlFetch)
  • package solid -- access to HP's RPC/ODBC-like generic middleware, used SQL against HP TurboImage/Allbase
  • EventDispatcher -- kind of simple MOM (message oriented middleware) publishing events from diferrent sources (legacy apps, SAP, ...) and having subscribed plugins, which implement business logic (1997...)
  • package dcerpc -- pure Tcl DCE-RPC implementation (TCP-only), including IDL compiler in plain Tcl, open: security/Keberos (1998) not used.
  • package des -- pure Tcl DES implementation used for DCE-RPC security tests
  • package ldap -- pure Tcl LDAP implementation (TCP only) with ASN/BER encodings, unimplemented ldap modifies
  • unfinished Excel XLS file reader and writer in pure Tcl (OLE reader/writer, BIFF reader/writer) -- Excel always crashed with my created xls files :-(
  • application server based on IIOP(CORBA) -- in plain Tcl -- package iioprcp in plain Tcl (1999)
  • package telnet -- pure Tcl Telnet implementation, expect replacement by rewritting David Cuthberts incrTcl telnet implementation using plain Tcl
  • SOCKS-ified ftp/telnet package
  • package orasql -- port of sql package (Informix) to oracle, keeping the inteface, not Oratcl
  • package tdssql -- port of sql package (Informix) to access MS SQL server (Sybase?) databases featuring FreeTDS
  • package dns -- pure Tcl DNS client (tcp only), can lookup IP addr for given domain name and domain name(s) for given IP addrs
  • ...