Julia Programming Language

Any of ye venerable tcler's looking at Julia? [How about you, arjen?]


Seems like the syntax is reasonable and performance is pretty good. But it will take them so long to implement the great functionality already in tcllib and the tcl ecosystem.

samoc 20140722: I've just started reading about Julia. So far, it seems pretty solid. I have not yet found a reason to dislike it.

samoc 20160312: At this point there are no longer any tasks for which I would use Tcl over Julia. So long, and thanks for all the strings Tcl...

APN 20160312: I'm curious about the above statement. Not about whether Tcl is better or worse than Julia but that it implies until Julia came along there was no language your would pick over Tcl (for some tasks). Which means Julia is better suited for your use than all the other languages out there. I played with it a (very) little bit but was mostly meh in comparison to other languages I've seen. So what is it about Julia that caught your fancy?

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arjen - 2016-03-14 07:54:57

I am aware of the language and I have read a tutorial, but never seriously used it. As I use Tcl for a wide variety of things, I haven't been motivated to chose Julia in its place. I suppose I could use it in addition to the other programming languages I use, but so far there has been a whole stack of things I want to have a look at. And that stack is only growing - sigh.