Jun 2023 Tcl Meetup notes

Tcl meetup 2023-06-13

possible topics

  • TCT expansion
  • Wiki performance
  • the expr proposal
  • TIPs needing completion before 8.7 / 9.0
    • TIP 671 - Ashok
  • Wherefore Tcl 8.7?

notes by Harald

  • Steve presented the project to get more people into the TCT
  • Ashok presented loseless encoding mode to make "open" find all the files glob finds. Great work! The integration of the ICU library and Unicode normalization was discussed but seen as out of scope for this step. Ashok sees this as required to use "strict" as default encoding scheme for the system. This is also to avoid, that any file operation failes due to encoding errors in file names. This is seen as the last requirement before starting the beta of TCL 9.0.
  • Present from the TCT: Andreas, Steve, Brian (3am !!), Donal.
  • TCT member approved to postphone 8.7 and focus on 9.0
  • TCT member charged Harald to ask Christian Werner, if this is ok for him
  • Brian presented TIP 636 and plans to retarget it to 9.0 and to bring to vote soon