Karl C. Hansen

Initials: kch

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About Me:

I have been a Tcl evangelist since the early 90s, and once even interviewed with John O. & company out at Sun. I have introduced Tcl/Tk use at Sundstrand (next generation Space Shuttle project!), at L-3 Communications, Aviations Systems division, for automated code testing, and at Axcelis for use in testing code destined for use in wafer manufacturing machines (that would be integrated circuit wafers, not vanilla wafers.... :) ), at Lockheed-Martin for analysis/control of a multi-channel 10Gbit Ixia traffic generator, and at Axcend LLC for monitoring and controlling their new portable HPLC device. I have also persuaded about 50 people to purchase the various editions of Brent W's [L1 ] excellent book.

I look forward to Tcl 8.7, and to V9.

My website, [L2 ], is the company I hope to make big someday.

I have been issued over a dozen patents (9 domestic -- [L3 ] -- and 6+ international) covering PDF enhancements, image processing, and ultra-high-speed digital signaling over copper.

Contact me via (e)mail: Karl (daught) Hansen --att-- BrilliantPoints >daht< com -- remove the spaces and use "sounds like" for the punctuation. I can also be reached at karl<no spaces here>hansen<none here either>1425 --att-- >gee-male daht< com.