Koen Van Damme

Hi, I'm Koen Van Damme, software engineer, living and working in Belgium.

My humble contributions to the Tcl'ers Wiki are currently limited to:

  • Oblets: A very simple object system for Tcl.
  • Code Generation: Some tips and tools for using TCL or other scripting languages as a powerful preprocessor for C, C++ or other structured output.
  • FrontLine: A specific tool for turning Tcl into a preprocessor. Especially useful if indentation is important.
  • GenTemplate: A template object from which you can easily generate text or code. It correctly handles indentation and multi-line data.
  • Text Clipboard: A simple buffer to store, change, delete, and insert text before sending it to output.
  • Spot: An experiment in Tcl objects, based on only 2 standard classes (Object and Meta).

I have some TCL stuff on my website at http://www.gener8.be :