Lan Barnes

San Diego, CA area

lan at falleagle dot net

More about me: I'm a SW Configuration Management specialist for a medical device manufacturer. I became intrigued with Tcl when I found Linux (the SW love of my life) back at Red Hat 4.1. I was attracted by the clean syntax, the "everything's a string" philosophy, the easy C interface, and the ability to do X programming without three years at MIT. FWIW, I love perl, too ... for text processing and one-off triggers or utilities.

I'm self-taught in Tcl/Tk, or at least was until I took some tutorials at the Portland conference last fall ('05). I don't consider myself very good at Tcl and wish I could find more courses or a local users group.

My bread and butter is Tcl/TK front ends for PostgreSQL data bases, and again, I have a lot to learn.