Language Oriented Programming

The concept of little language seems to be echoed and amplified in the concept of Language Oriented Programming:

Wikipedia [L1 ] says:

"Language oriented programming is a style of programming in which, rather than solving problems in general-purpose programming languages, the programmer creates one or more domain-specific programming languages for the problem first and solves the problem in those languages."

Given Tcl's extremely regular syntax and its habit of using little languages, it is worth considering Tcl as a platform for LOP.

This paper [L2 ] seems to define and promulgate the term. This [L3 ] describes a particular approach to implementing LOP.

The concept of Language Workbench for processing Domain-Specific Languages [L4 ] is another conceptual approach.

[L5 ] and [L6 ] are just some links I haven't yet processed CMcC

2006-09-13 Shin The Gin - Coming from the Forth programming language, this sounds very familiar to me. In Forth you solve programming problems by developing a vocabulary of words, which in return is quite what you describe here. If You replace 'vocabulary' with 'namespace' and 'word' with 'command' then You're there.