Larry Kollar

Personal info - I'm a tech writer by trade, and scripting has often been a diversion as much as a productivity enhancer for me. :-) In my first writing job out of college, I created a wobbly pile of awk and csh scripts to create & maintain documentation written in nroff. (I recoded a few functions in C since I was sharing a Sun 1 with four programmers.)

Later endeavors involved AppleScript (yes, I'm a Mac user and dang proud of it!) and WordBasic. I used to maintain a "WordBasic Corner" page on my web site, although it's as stale as last year's marshmallows.

I started learning TCL to work with XML files in the same way I did with nroff files. (I looked at Perl, went "whaaaa?" and immediately downloaded TCL.) I stumbled across Steve Ball's TclXML package at and have had a great time learning both TCL and XML at once.

So I'll be dedicating this page to working with XML files.

I should probably mention that Steve has also ported expat as a TCL package; it's available at the link shown above.

Email - mailto:[email protected]

More to come once I have it.