Lawrence Woodman

For most of my life I have programmed in C and find that a combination of Tcl/Tk is ideal for me.

I blog at TechTinkering about Tcl , retro computers, programming and general technical tinkering.

You can follow me on GitHub and Twitter .

Projects in which I have used Tcl/Tk

  • installmodule A Tcl module installer.
  • Tarcel A Tcl packaging tool.
  • ornament A Tcl template module.
  • configurator A configuration parsing module for Tcl.
  • AppDirs A Tcl module to simplify cross-platform application file locations.
  • xdgbasedir A Tcl module to simplify use of the XDG Base Directory Specification.
  • CanAce A Jupiter ACE emulator that uses Tcl/Tk to provide the GUI interface.
  • sdl_and_tk_demo A small demonstration of how to embed an SDL Surface in a Tk window.
  • TextPix A utility to convert an image to a text image using the reconfigurable character set on the Jupiter ACE. This was the first thing that I used Tcl for.
  • pty A pseudo TTY package.