LoadButtons -Batch loading of images graphics for GUI objects

WJG (09/Mar/06) Now that I tend to use starkits and wrap up my Tcl/Tk apps, I leave my button graphics in convenient subdirectory in the .vfs directory where all of my app. modules are located. Previously I would convert my bitmaps to ascii and include them in the module code itself. I like things neat and tidy, the fewer the better. All those fiddly little gif files -yuk! Now I can just wack em into a draw and forget them. A bit like old socks eh?

 # LoadButtons.tcl
 # William J Giddings, 24/Feb/2006
 # Batch loading of bitmaps for GUI buttons etc.,
 # switches:
 # -pattern  filename of image to load, or wilcard e.g., *.gif   
 # returns
 # list of images created
 # Note:
 # -----
 # The names of the images created is the rootname of file.

 set DEMO(loadbuttons) yes

 # For non-gif filetypes, load the Img Package
 package require Img

 # load bitmaps from specific directory
 proc LoadButtons {dir args} {

  # set default values
  set pattern *.gif
  set display no

  # set switches
  foreach {arg val} $args {
    set arg [string trimleft $arg -]
    set $arg $val

  # create list of detected files
  set k [glob -nocomplain -directory $dir $pattern]
  foreach i $k {
    # create a list of image names
    lappend j  [file root [file tail $i]]

  # create images
  set k 0
  foreach i [glob -directory $dir $pattern] {
    image create photo [lindex $j $k] -file $i
    incr k

  return $j

 # the ubiquitous demo
 if {$DEMO(loadbuttons)} {

  console show

  # assume pics are in a sub-directory of their own
  set dir [pwd]/pics
  set pattern *.gif
  puts [LoadButtons $dir -pattern $pattern  -display yes]

  # create an display
  destroy  .disp
  toplevel .disp
  wm title .disp "$dir/$pattern"
  canvas .disp.can  -yscrollcommand ".disp.vscr set"
  scrollbar .disp.vscr -command ".disp.can yview"
  pack .disp.can -side left -expand yes -fill both
  pack .disp.vscr -side right -fill y

  # create graphics viewe
  set x 10 ; set y 0
  foreach i [lsort [image names]] {
   label .disp.can.l$i -text $i -image $i -compound left
   .disp.can create window $x $y -window .disp.can.l$i -anchor nw
   set h [image height [.disp.can.l$i cget -image]]
   if {$h < 15} {set h 15}
   incr y [expr $h + 5]
  .disp.can configure -scrollregion "0 0 50 $y" 

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