Long live tcl.tk

TR - Starting in 2007, I am trying to make www.tcl.tk more fun both by content and design ... please see Making www.tcl.tk a better place

As of early 2002, a new domain called tcl.tk came into existence, originating from an island in the Pacific called "Tokelau". In fact, it was donated to "the Tcl community" (insert hand-waving motion) - via John Ousterhout, that is [explain...].


In a nutshell, https://www.tcl-lang.org is poised to become the new center of the Tcl/Tk universe.

As it stands today (end Feb 2k2), the following urls appear functional:

Here is a proposal for a policy which may help make tcl.tk a long lasting proposition, regardless of what happens with people, organizations, and domains over time (change is inevitable, if you wait long enough):

Some benefits to enforcing this policy for all the major URL-based resources on the net are:

  • tcl.tk is cute ... it'll stick, like instant glue
  • if tcl.tk breaks down (for technical, political, or financial reasons), code will continue to work
  • purls can be managed by a varying group of people, and instantly adjusted
  • given that the purl.org site is run by a large but non-commercial entity, the chances of it ever going away are quite slim
  • purls never go away (the worst that can happen is that they redirect to a wrong or missing spot, but this can be fixed instantly through the web by any of the maintainers)
  • the *.tk setup has yet to prove itself in terms of stability and performance - having the purls becomes insurance against any unforeseen troubles

How nice it would be to use https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/ as the MAIN root for this wiki and all pages in it...

(Note: mini.net/tcl is not going to go away for quite some time, but if wiki.tcl.tk becomes the new hip way of referring to the wiki, I'll adjust the logic so it shows up that way as much as possible in the wiki itself as well -jcw) [And some time during 2008 or 2009, mini.net went away... RIP]

There is a top-level .tk domain