MOSEL (Modeling, Specification and Evaluation Language) is an environment for performance and reliability modeling of computer, communication, and manufacturing systems. Its high-level model description language is designed to be compiled down to the input formats of several model evaluation programs, thus making it easy to test a model under different paradigms.

MOSEL can compile evaluation results into an IGL (intermediate graphics language) format, then an interpreter written in Tcl can translate the results into images, or display them in a Tk GUI.

MOSEL has been successfully used to model and to analyze systems from the following domains:

Computer Systems:

  • UNIX Operating System, Polling Systems, Fork Join Systems, Terminal Systems, Multithreaded Architecture, Client Server, Multi Processor Systems

Communication Systems:

  • Cellular Mobil Networks, ATM-Multiplexer, Internet Router, Retrial Systems,

Manufacturing Systems:

  • Batch Systems, Wafer Production Systems, ClusterTools for Single Wafer Processing