Message Passing Interface [someone want to discuss MPI or at least add URLs?]

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AMG: I'd like to see an MPI package for Tcl now that I have access to a cluster. :^)

May be a hint in the LDAS Package


TclMPI at: [L1 ]:

  • Tcl bindings for MPI. This package provides a shared object that can be loaded into a Tcl interpreter to provide additional commands that act as an interface to an underlying MPI implementation and will allow to run Tcl scripts in parallel via mpirun or mpiexec similar to C, C++ or Fortran programs.

Latest release (1.0) : April 12, 2017

(AM: Axel informed me that he is close to releasing a first version)

MPIMap is a free tool that graphically displays the structure of user-defined MPI data types such as vectors and structs. MPIMap was developed to help programmers gain insight into MPI's datatype system and to help them use it correctly.