Magic Mail Monitor

Magic Mail Monitor is an MFC-based application for Windows, originally written in the 1990s by Valeriy Ovechkin, that provides the ability to manage multiple POP3 accounts.

  • SSL is fully supported.
  • Messages can be deleted from the server without being downloaded.
  • Individual messages (with their complete headers) can be viewed in Notepad without removing them from the server.
  • Message headers can be checked automatically via Tcl scripts (available in the fork only).

The SourceForge page for the project (as of the last released version) is:

There is now a fork of Magic Mail Monitor with Tcl scripting support (i.e. for matching against header fields and performing some action) here: (NOTE: may require a login).

The fork also fixes several long-standing bugs in the code, reorganizes the source code files into a nicer directory structure, and supports Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013.

Multiple attempts have been made to contact the previous maintainers and the original author to notify them of the fork; however, no responses have been received.