MapWelt [L1 ] is a "moving map" program I am writing for pocketpc's with windows for pocketpc's. It can read a GPS signal and display the position on a map.


  • Shows the position on the map, and the direction of travel.
  • Measures speed and travelled distance.
  • Shows the position of the sun and the moon, useful for navigating without a compass.
  • Can load waypoints or routes in GPX format.
  • Can load big images (in JPG GIF or TIF format) after conversion to a tiled format.
  • Can automatically load another map if you have moved out of the map, or if a better (higher resolution) map is available.

It is written in Tcl/Tk, and, although intended for use on pocketpc's with eTcl, it will also run on Microsoft Windows and Linux (nearly all development is done on a windows98 system). The intention of the program is more focussed on light-weight/ ease of use than completeness or correctness. The current state of the program should (at best) be considered alpha. It's hardly been tested on any system except for my mitac mio 168. Much of the code need rewriting/cleaning up. But I think in its present form it's already usable.