Mark Harrison

Welcome to my wiki page. Now I don't feel like an idiot because I spent so much time figuring out how to create a page.

Hi Mark, i'm surprised! you didn't put your joke and email address in your page. c.w.

Since everybody starts embellishing Mark's page, here goes:

Current contact information, Mark is working at Pixar:

 Mark Harrison              work: mailto:[email protected]
 Studio Tools               home: mailto:[email protected]
 Pixar Animation Studios
 Emeryville, CA

Contact information while he was working at AsiaInfo:

 Mark Harrison                     mailto:[email protected]
 AsiaInfo Computer Networks
 Beijing / Santa Clara   

OK, Here's my joke. This won 5th place in the CUJ humor contest of 1989. I got a t-shirt. Remember, humor is best left to the professionals...

    What did the C programmer say when they made him program in Pascal?
         Give me a break!
    What did the Pascal programmer say when they made him program in C?
         I'd rather fight than switch!