Marty McGowan

Here's Marty @ Mac:

My blog of note: I'm wikiEnabled .

What I'm looking for here is collaboration. I'll be putting out a few samples of my Tcl work, looking for like minds, or dis-like for that matter. And why not? We're all here to see our own ideas in full expression, but not without molding by the standards of the community.

Thanks to AK for a lesson on the wiki style here.

To date, my one serious Tcl endeavor has been an annual (now 3 years) scheduling of Benedictine Academy's Career Day . Just shy of 200 students select 8 presenters from 20 plus women: judges, chefs, state legislators, nurses, ... the gamut, for 4 sessions on "what it took to become a ...". I work it out all in Tcl, collecting student preferences from a spreadsheet. The commitment: every senior gets her first choice, and minimize the "disappointment index". All the work to this point has been mine. I'm _sure_ there is quite a bit of support in the Tcllib, for my self-rolled version of a database. The event is in March. My two year objective is to be able to make corrections in real-time.

And, for Fidessa's US Training , I teach Tcl, Java, our own Expression Evaluator, Infrastructure courses, and our client design kit, with Tcl embedded as the user-level event handler.