Martyn Smith

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I have been programming in TCL/TK about 1997.

I have developed several large (~14,000 lines written) projects for the company where I currently work.

My sandbox project is MSEdit see Tcl Editors where I try out all my new ideas and profit from having a development environment exactly to my tastes!

I have since found out that there is a file 'msedit.exe' (thanks to google) on the internet that contains a trojan (which should be destroyed).

My usual initials are MSH on this site, but that page has already been taken.

 What: MSEdit
 Description: An easy-to-use text editor in TCL/TK with Tile.
        Runs on Windows and Linux.
        Currently at version 16.06.

escargo 30 Oct 2007 - I just gave MSEdit a try; the only problem I had was that while can set the indent, you can't set the tab width. (Our house style says to set tabs as the equivalent of every 4 characters. I can do that easily with emacs, but I did not see a way to do it with MSEdit.)

It looked very good otherwise. Thanks alot

I have always had lots of problems mixing tabs and spaces so I only use spaces in my code and the reindenting code only uses spaces. I do nothing special with the tabs otherwise apart from displaying them differently.

I just looked at the -Tabs option of the text widget, I tried using that in the form

 -tabs {4c 8c 12c 16c}

but it does not work. I will investigate further. That gives centimeter distances not characters ! It looks like Apart from regexp-ing the tabs on every load/save this will have to wait until I get 8.5 working properly (ctext scrolling).

There is a lot of extra information in the built in help file and tiddlywiki file.

I am working on updating the project pages