Massimo Manghi

I'm a researcher in an Italian university and my main field of interest are bio-electric signals and AFM and fluorescence image processing. I started to use Tcl/Tk as a tool language for various tasks required by the system management in our lab.

I'm actively developing Rivet. Apache Rivet is an open source collection of Tcl tools working together with mod_rivet, a module that enables the Apache HTTP web server to run Tcl code either standalone or embedded in HTML pages. Rivet current version is 3.2.1, available for download from the Apache Tcl Project .

In the past I wrote quite a few large applications based on Tcl/Itcl for various purposes (chiefly applications aimed at integrating devices such as PLCs)

More recently I wrote with Tcl and Apache Rivet a simple website framework for one my teaching classes. It started as a framework to be used by my students to develop a website's contents writing plain text pages using an easy to follow cooperative work flow. It later became a framework for entirely scripted web sites