Matthias Hoffmann - Tclhttpd - Possible Pitfalls

With v3.42, could not reference cgi-bin-relative documents types from the html produced by an cgi script:

 <link rel=stylesheet href="/css/pkgState.css" type="text/css"></link>

works, but

 <link rel=stylesheet href="pkgState.css" type="text/css"></link>

does not work.

The same thing here:

 <script language="JavaScript" type="application/x-javascript" src="/wz_tooltip.js">

is ok, whereas

 <script language="JavaScript" type="application/x-javascript" src="wz_tooltip.js">

leads to an server error 400 (don't know how to handle CGI wz_tooltip.js or so...)

This is because of special handling of the CGI-domain (in contrast to the DOC-domain), I think.

MHo 2007-11-02. Hmmm.... just looked at what I wrote long ago here. I think it's nonsens... If a cgi script produces a html page, that webserver deliveres this page to the browser and exits. So, the base for the document links in that html document has no longer something to do with the cgi script...

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