Mavrig is the name of a website, where modules - called rigs - are collected for easy re-use.

JM Nov-27-2011,On a post from jcw's weblog [L1 ], I found a reference to Mavrig, then I wanted to try it with my PC running XP.

For the record, this is what I did:
1) download the tclkit for WXP from [L2 ], I understand you have to use version 8.5.x
2) download mavrig from [L3 ]
3) I copied the downloaded tclkit to the m4 folder on the mavrig file structure
4) I got the following error when launching the local mavrig website:

hook main.Run failed: could no create new link "0.x-new/jcw/Akismet,tcl:
target "../../contrib/jcw/0.x/Akismet.tcl" doesn't exist...

launching the local mavrig website is like this:


5) Then I had to change 2 lines on the server.tcl file to make it work:
replace this

file link -symbolic $version-new/$name/$y ../../$x/$y

with this

file link -hard $version-new/$name/$y ../$x/$y

replace this

file link -symbolic $version-new/$x ../docs/$x

with this

file link -hard $version-new/$x docs/$x

I think this has to do with what is described here: file link
6) Then, you just have to point your browser to http://localhost:8080/