Med 2006-02-01: My first "big" Tcl/Tk project. Some details:

         What: MetPad - Martin Eders Tcl/Tk Pad
      Version: V0.8
 Last Updated: 2007-03-09
  Description: Text editor with full support for Linux and MS Windows

Some nice features

  • Edit multiple files
  • File Monitoring (like "tail -f" under linux)
  • Basic Macro Recording and Playback (keystrokes)
  • Highly configurable
  • Quick launch bar to open files, directories and url's
  • Command mode (like VIM, but pared down a bit :-))
  • Print documents
  • Powerful find/replace function
  • Drag-and-Drop support
  • Block- and multi-selection
  • Plugins (Scratch-Pad, Run-as-Tcl-Script, ...)
  • ... and many more, just check out the release notes [L1 ]


  • 2007/03/08 - MetPad V0.8 released
  • 2007/02/19 - MetPad V0.8pre released
  • 2006/03/15 - MetPad V0.7 released
  • 2006/02/01 - MetPad V0.6 released


MG Feb 1st 2006 - I just downloaded MetPad to take a quick look, and it seems really nice. There are a couple of suggestions I'd make, though:

  • On Windows, the 'Print' dialog comes up with the default Wish icon (and so do other popups). If you use wm iconbitmap -default editor.ico on Windows platforms, they should all use your own icon, too.
  • Tooltips for the toolbar buttons would be helpful (there are a few packages for them on the wiki).
  • Some of the menus have -tearoff 0, but a few don't seem to.
  • When you right-click the clock plugin, it has an 'Exit' option to close it. It's quite possible I'm just being pedantic now ;) but to me that sounds more like it will exit the app, rather than a 'Close' to close the clock.
  • The text on-screen is in Courier, but when I printed it it was in Arial.

This does look like a very nice app, though - probably one of the best pure-Tcl text editors I've looked at on Windows (and is apparently fully cross-platform too). (The printing feature is probably one of the nicest I've seen for Tcl on Windows, too (although the main app window doesn't refresh at all, while the print dialog is open) - is it something you wrote specifically for this, or did you download it somewhere?)

MEd 2006-02-15: Thanks for your inputs! Well, the tooltips are currently displayed in the status-bar, not very intuitive - I know :-) but I'm looking forward to implement some baloon-help. I use tkprint for printing under windows, closed source but free for non-commercial use.