What: Meta-GUI tools
Where: [URL currently dead]
Description: Framework for quickly building full GUI applications.
Updated: 04/1999
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jeff Kotula)

It's not clear to me what the following snippet from the licensing section means:

"You may use them without licensing fees in commercial or free software. You may modify them for your own purposes, but may not distribute them"

How does one use the tools "in" commercial software without distributing? Does this mean the tools can only be used "for" developing commercial or free software... or does the bit about not distributing only apply to the unmodified tools?

aa has always assumed that wording like this requires that the tools be obtained separately by the eventual user of the software. The author of the software shall not distribute the tools to the user.

... These 'roll your own' licenses are a menace. (Then again, the very purpose of most software licenses aside from Public Domain & BSD-style is to menace someone or other to some extent!)

IsaacRaway I read this as you may use the tool in any application, but you may not modify the tool and then redistribute it *as a tool*. This is basically an anti-forking provision.