Michał Antoniewski

Title: Graph Manipulations

  • Student: Michał Antoniewski
  • Abstract: Hi, I'm Michael and I'm 4th year undergraduate in Gdansk University of Technology at faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications
  • and Informatics (ETI) in Poland.

What I am going to do is to extend existing solutions with wide set of functions/algorithms to make TCL well-equipped with Graph Operations and to become attractive language from another point of view.



  • Name: Michael
  • Surname: Antoniewski
  • Age: 22
  • University: I'm 4th year undergraduate in Gdansk University of Technology at faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) in Poland
  • Main Department: Department of Algorithms and System Modelling
  • Supplementary Department: Department of Computer Communications.


  • - good, wide knowledge about graph theory, artificial intelligence and generally mathematical aspects of informatics.
  • - recently bioinformatics too.
  • - a lot of problems/algorithms known not only theoretically but also implemented
  • - good knowledge about computational complexity, useful data structures.
  • - besides programming, my common area of interest.
  • TCL
  • - not a lot of experience in programming in TCL
  • example of usage:
  • - creating simulations of Wireless Networks and
  • - testing/comparing capabilities of Wireless Routing Protocols like DSDV and others
  • I've already arranged creating projects during this semester in Tcl, so before June I will surely be ready to program bigger amounts of code in Tcl.


  • C/C++
  • - good knowledge
  • - most of algorithm implementations done in C
  • - a lot of problems solved at contests: www.spoj.pl (if needed I can attach some code)
  • - also done other projects, e.g. B-Tree implementation.
  • - as an example I placed some code at http://sites.google.com/site/antoniewskim/
  • WIN32 API
  • - used a lot long time ago…:)
  • - work example: many games like e.g. chess with graphical interface - enabling playing by net for 2 players
  • gave me good basic for moving into .NET with good understanding mechanisms it works on
  • - currently: C#, WPF, WCF.
  • - example project in .NET: system of work-time controlling with usage of contactless cards and readers connected by COM ports.
  • JAVA
  • - example project: Application for testing purposes – enables examining people by browser and solving tests created by Admins. It has 2
  • independent parts: Admin application for creating tests/users and generally managing database, written in J2SE.
  • - Web part written in J2EE for clients to solve availible (for them) tests and see scores.
  • - fair knowledge
  • - example: Currently, I’m working on graphical application (using QT) with knowledge base. It concerns combinatorial games on graphs and NIM games
  • - and enables confronting AI opponents.
  • - nice knowledge about IEEE standards, designing networks, configuring
  • - network protocols
  • - algorithms used in computer networks
  • - gave me nice experience in working with large documentations