Microsoft C compiler and Tcl

Microsoft has offered C compilers on its principal operating systems for years; sometimes, as for much of the last decade, they hold a majority position in that particular market. While this compiler is generally regarded as a for-fee proprietary product [L1 ], recently mostly known as "Visual C++", during much of the twenty-first century Microsoft has offered no-charge versions of the core compiler. This page aims to collect information that makes it as easy as possible for Tcl-oriented developers to work with Microsoft's C compiler.

Best is to start with "Building Tcl with the free VC++ toolkit".

[... much more ...]

[See this [L2 ] page written from a Python perspective.]

gkubu - 2015-09-14 18:04:48

Download free Visual Studio Community edition . You may need a customized install to activate C++ tools.

For nmake see