Midi Palm OS app

Was wondering how complicated it would be to make a tcl Midi application for the Palm 5 O.S.

I don't have extensive experience in tcl code, but was just curious when I noticed some Midi support had been added.(for Midi over wireless Ethernet)

I know Palm OS is becoming archaic but their devices are still rock solid when it comes to serial support and transmitting Midi data to hardware modules (with serial fix)

Anyway, I'm gonna bookmark this page and see if there is any interest in exploring this avenue, as there are not a whole lot of midi Palm apps left on the market and the few that are there do not allow editing and the few that do edit in their own proprietary formats do not include program changes (an essential function to controlling sound modules)

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AMG: Are any of these pages helpful to you?

Tcl does serial port I/O. It can also do raw binary protocol encoding and decoding using the [binary] command. If that doesn't do it for you, and you are able to compile C code for your Palm, you can write an extension.

jeremysdemo - 2010-12-21 13:27:06

Actually yes,

two of those links are what brought me here (when looking at already compiles Midi apps for the Palm on Maemo).

To be honest the last time I wrote any code it was in Cobalt...so ya, I'm bit long in the tooth and wet behind the ears to undertake this on my own.

I do like the gray drum skin in that link, that look's like it would be a handy app.

I have apps that would do that (although not in tcl code) but they don't allow program changes to be saved into the midi files...this has been the end of a year search for me...and most of the apps are extinct (ittymidi for example) A true midi editor/sequencer with piano roll step sequencing with save-able Program changes would be the holy grail, bhaji loops comes close, but it doesn't port out to serial midi since it used proprietary format for editing.

Anyway thanks for the reply....this particular use of Palm/midi apps seems to have been forgotten by the industry.

I did want to mention that all the source code links are empty.

jeremysdemo - 2011-01-26 18:10:43

OK I managed to find the source codes someone is working with me who is more familiar with tcl now.