Mike Tuxford

Sadly, in 2004 Mike was apparently the victim of foul play by an older brother ([L1 ], item 52)




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Academic Credentials

Director Institute for Insignificant Research

Awarded a posthumous Doctorate of Physics by Haavaahd (snobish Bostonian accent goes here) ... something about brainwaves and jello was mentioned

but in reality, I am in my 50's and have little more than a grade school education. They didn't have PCs in the 60's but my lack of formal education has been balanced by great curiosity and desire to explore and learn.

I feel that it's a testimony to the power of Tcl/Tk that I am able to accomplish most of the programming tasks that I set out to conquer. Mostly this is done for my own Linux system needs or my X desktop wants.

Should you need or desire to contact me directly you can reach me at mailto:[email protected]


One Mr. Ripley, believe it or not, wrote to me and included a clip/paste from his dictionary application feeling that it was necessary to remind me that the word "posthumous" implies "after the death", and in general pooh-poohed my insensitive insult upon his alma mater and the fine city of Boston.

I wish to apologize to anyone who is either offended by my page or shares the same brain electrical activity that was therein refered to.