Description:A groupware tool to manage appointments, tasks, and addresses. Software can display appointments by timetable, can check to see if other participants are available, can send invitations and later reminders, can manage task lists (with urgency levels and target dates).
The server should run on all Unix/X11 platforms (including MacOS X). Written in Tcl/Tk/Tix. Available in German, as well as English translation.
Currently version 0.5.1.
Contact:See web site





RA2 I checked the site. The programmer is German. A fellow by the name of Goetz. It seems there is not a single file to download like a lot of TCL/TK apps but there are two: a client and a server. Assembling this app for Windows seems to be a little complicated. Does anyone have a clue about how this is done? Anyone has ever seen this program for Windows in one single file? Anyone has ever tried it and can give us some feedback? Thanks.

RS As client and server are distinct processes, to get two scripts makes sense to me - just get both, start both, and see whether the client connects to the server.

RA2 I'll try that and I'll report on the app afterwards. Danke Richard!

SEH 2005/02/15 -- If someone could manage to make the Minkowsy client compatible with the Kolab [L1 ] server, it would be a nice visibility-enhancing win for Tcl, since interest in Kolab is building but there is a shortage of Kolab clients.

LV Does Kolab have Tcl components, or is that just an up and coming groupware product that you've hoped for?

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