MkBugs Docs for Users

There are three main pages that are relevant to users of MkBugs

Summary Page

The summary page has a table listing the bugs present in the bug database. The table lists:

  • Bug Id
  • Bug Category
  • Date the bug was entered
  • A brief description of the bug

The Bug Category selector at the top of the page allows the user to display only bugs in a particular category. The wildcard "*" entry selects all bugs. After changing the category, you must click the Refresh button to change the displayed bugs.

At most, 10 bugs at a time are displayed. The navigation buttons, First, Previous, Next, and Last can be used to navigate through the available bugs.

One can search for bugs by entering a term in the "Look for" field and clicking the Search button. If a particular category is selected, then only bugs in that category will be examined. At present, only content in the Comments section of each bug report is searched.

The category field of the table is represented by a selectable widget. The user can reassign bugs by changing the category selection and then hitting the Update button. The ability to reassign bug categories may be limited to specific users. If this is so you will be prompted for a username and password.

Clicking on the Bug Id link will switch the displayed page to the:

Bug Display Page

The 'Bug Display Page' lists the information in the database about the particular bug that was selected in the Summary Page. The exact information, and its format will depend on how the adminstrator has set up the bug database.

The navigation buttons, First, Previous, Next, and Last can again be used to navigate through the available bugs.

The selected bug can have a new category assigned by changing the selector in the category field, and clicking the Change button. Again, effecting this change may be restricted to specific users.

The origional information in the database cannot be changed, but an unlimited number of notes may be appended to the bug. Enter a note by typing in the 'New Note' field and submit it by clicking the New Note button. The screen will refresh and display the bug with you note appended.

To enter a new bug go to the:

New Bug Page

A link to this page is available at the top of both the Bug Display Page and the Summary Page. Enter the information appropriate to the bug and click the Submit button. Certain fields may require that information be entered before the bug can be submitted.