What: Modules

 Description: Also known as Environment Modules, this is a dynamic user
        environment customization package.
        The two contrib files consist of various sample modules developed
        at Auburn University.  The AUengmod files are the modules used for
        auto-installing on Solaris machines and the other are
        for various clients.  Find patches to v3.0Beta1 at the wustl site.
        Currently v3.0 is available.  At the metalab site, a version of
        3.0.2, ported to Linux can be found. It is actively being updated.
        The version at sunsite is a version with a variety of improvements.
         It is maintained by R.K. Owen.
        Currently at version 3.1.6, under the GPL.
 Updated: 01/2003
 Contact: See web site.

DKF: The set of command supported for customization of this package using Tcl is somewhat smaller than normal Tcl (to allow support for sane unloading of a “module”) in possibly-annoying ways. Beware of this!

See also Tcl Modules for the unrelated Tcl 8.5+ module system for loading packages.

Lmod is an alternate implementation written in Lua (that can still process module files written in Tcl).