Mr Eastons Maths Game

David Easton 05 Jan 2005

A simple game for practising:

  • Addition
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Tables
  • Number bonds

It is freely available from

DDG 2005-04-25

A version that also allows children to learn divisions is available from

David, feel free to add my code to your original code!

DPE Thanks for the enhancement. Should the "divided by" sign be "÷" rather than ":" - I haven't seen ":" used for division before. I'd add "÷" for the UK. I'll add the division code into my original.

DDG Other countries other symbols. After you update your kit I will remove my link (until my son needs more ...). Thanks again. My son is now a champion in mathematics also because of your kit .... BTW: Have you ever thought of using this application to learn a language? Let's say it is looking in the current directory for files like: german2english.txt.