Written by Brian Griffin.

Includes mtiwidgets::mdiframe widget.

 What: mtiwidgets
 Description: Collection of mega-widget additions and enhancements to
        Iwidgets.  Includes mtiwidgets::button, mtiwidgets:colbutton,
        mtiwidgets::mtilabel, mtiwidgets:mapscrollbar, mtiwidgets::dockbar,
        mtiwidgets::toolbar, mtiwidgets::mdiframe, and a demo of the
        Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.4, Itcl/Itk 3.2, and Iwidgets 3.0.1, but has
        been tested with Iwidgets 4.0.2.
        Currently at version 0.1 .
 Updated: 01/2003

I've updated this collection to include the mtipanemanager, demo'd at Tcl2004. However, this megawidget depends on several TIP's, #125 (wm toplevel) and #177 & #179 (panedwindow -stretch & -hide). There is also no demo or documentation yet. You can download the package at

JH: You need the TIP patches [L1 ] [L2 ] and this fix in mtiwidgets0.2:

 proc wm_toplevel {win {bool {}}} {
    puts [info level 0]
    if {[llength [info level 0]] == 2} {
         return [expr {[winfo manager $win] eq "wm"}]
    } else {
         if {$bool} {
             wm manage $win
         } else {
             wm forget $win

and s/wm toplevel/wm_toplevel/ in all the code. With that, only mdiframe still fails for me.

Brian Griffin: I've uploaded version 0.3 which fixes many of the problems seen in 0.2. It still requires TIP's 125, 177, and 179. And it's still using wm toplevel instead of wm manage, but the above hack should work around that issue.

The man pages (mtiwidgets/demos/html) and demo (mtiwidgets/demos/catalog) have been updated as well.

You can download the package at


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