This page refers to Mel's internet toolkit

Here we go again !

You can use anylanguage you choose together with a default. A separate tool, will generate all the text for you and all you have to do is to provide a translation for your page contents.

Here is a little sample for Spanish the file is Campaign.Spanish this file is located in the lang directory

 array set ::_T_ {
    "Code:"        "Código:"
    {Code: alpha numeric  is required}        "Se requiere un código alfanumérico"
    "Running Period:"        "Período:"
    {Running Period: alpah numeric is required}        "Se requiere un período alfanumérico"
    "Tactic:"        "Táctica:"
    {Tactic: alpah numeric is required}        "Se requiere una táctica alfanumérica"
    "Active:"        "Activa"
    "Description:"        "Descripción:"
    {Description is required}        "Se requiere una descripción:"
    "Save"                "Guarvar"
    "Cancel"                "Cancelar"

Yes It's that Simple !

RS: Setting an array is simple indeed. However, as Tcl comes with msgcat, since version 8.1, could you explain how your approach is different from, or better than, msgcat's?