My 4 Starkits

How I love using my 4 starkits.

My first starkit is my editor, ML. It is a writeable starkit, and its configuration file is self contained. It remembers my favorite fonts wherever I go, and what files I was working on last, as well as my last search term.

My second starkit is my mindweb, that contains all my notes to myself interlinked. It contains all the tips and tricks that I've learnt writing and reading tcltk code. Anywhere I go, I've got my hard-won knowledge.

My third starkit is my msn instant messenger. It remembers my login, my password, and my chat logs, wherever I go. All I need now is the ability to search my chat logs and quote them, and I'll be an unstoppable instant messenging debater.

LV Have you looked into the wiki's search code to see if you can make use of it? Particularly the wiki code for stand alone searching - that is pretty slick.

My fourth starkit is my tcler's chat, which I've modified so that my config file is loaded in it. It also remembers the same basic stuff, like login and password, and my font and color options.

With these 4 kits, I am unstoppable, and I bring new meaning to the term "mobile code". Life is good.


Zipguy 2013-Oct-07 I'm glad you like ML. I do also. I assume you've been using ML v1.2xa or something like that because you did mention that it is a starkit. Where did you get it from? this site? If you did you should have seen ML - Heavily Modified & Improved. If you haven't seen it, I think you'll like that version a lot more, if you're using Windows and an older version of it. It looks like this (in a semi-current version):

Are you using Windows? If you are, and are using ML to create starkits, have a look at ezsdx - a small frontend for sdx .

EasySDX - Simplifies SDX Usage v0.98b. It looks like this: