What MyTcl
Description Powerful Tcl/Tk IDE.
License Freeware. (not opensource)
Version Currently at version 1.0 build 8.
Updated 2012-06-06
Contact mailto:[email protected] (In-Hak Min)


  1. Based on the 8.5.11 Tcl Core
  2. Quick view documentation (F1)
  3. Includes many packages
  4. Support docking frame
  5. Syntax highlighting
  6. Multiple file editing
  7. Command, word and option auto-completion
  8. Command usage tooltip window
  9. Building execution file using tclkit
  10. Code explorer (support tcl, itcl, snit, tcloo)
  11. Watch variable window
  12. Find and replace window
  13. Find in Files window
  14. Fully debugger (step into, run to cursor, toggle breakpoint, show value of variable)
  15. Error tracer
  16. Console window
  17. more...

JM Where to download ? I went to the Homepage but I couldn't find the download link.

In-Hak Min Currently in development. release is expected within 3 months.

In-Hak Min Now you can download it!!

lm euhhh ... The homepage seems to be in japanese ... Have you plans to make an english version ?

In-Hak Min This homepage is for korean. I have no plans to make an english version currently. Maybe I will make an english version if many requests come.

AMG: Let Google do the work.

terreaultguy - 2010-06-21 08:22:30

Hi, I have Installed MyTcl IDE, I like it!

But I have a small problem. I closed the file window and the code Explorer window.

I have not been able to open them from the window menu.

I have unstalled and re-installed that did not work.


In-Hak Min Delete file MyTcl.cfg first and rerun.

I'll modify this problem the next version.

Thank's for using.

tcleval There is one thing that I dont see on your editor and I dont see on most tcl editors, it does not support the OO tcl extensions like for example SNIT or STOOOP. I think it would be easy to add highlight and class browser to your editor for theses tcl extensions, as you already have a namespace browser. It would be a killer app if it had support for the most popular OO extensions. It would be nice to have hightlight and code completion for the tcllib extensions too. You would have to write a simple parser to read the tcllib doc and generate your code, a bit more complicated but worth it. And... is it windows only? TCL is cross platform, but I dont see any links to the source or linux binary :-(

In-Hak Min MyTcl is not open source application.

Supported TclOO (tcloo) syntax currently. (TclOO is oo extension.)

I'll support SNIT and STOOOP syntax as soon as possible. (same your idea.)

And I'll support auto completion more.

MyTcl is supported only windows version currently.

I will do release linux version sooner or later.

thank's for advice. ^_^

tcleval I see that you use vtk with stub enabled for windows. is there any chance you know how to compile it stub enabled for linux? I mean, did you just download that -vtk stub enabled- or compile it?

In-Hak Min You must patch some files for stubs.

In-Hak Min Support Itcl. Now!!


tcleval so, where can I download the source code?

In-Hak Min patched vtk source?

tcleval nope.. I meant MYTCL source code

In-Hak Min Sorry. MyTcl is not open-source. ;-)

tcleval unless you are going to sell MyTcl, you should consider openning the source code. You and the Tcl comunity could improve mytcl together. It looks like a nice peace of work you have there.

Lectus - 2011-04-25 07:48:29

Very interesting IDE! I tested it on Linux using Wine and it worked just fine! I really like the feature of generating the starpack (.exe) automatically. Some features I suggest: - Make a Linux version. - Create a GUI builder for Tk/Ttk. And add an option to the project creation dialog: "GUI application using the forms editor".

And it would be the perfect IDE.

ihmin Thank you tested MyTcl on wine successfully. It's very good news.

I will release linux version as soon as possible. I trying on ubuntu 9.10 currently.

Anyway I was try to making form editor in mytcl few month ago. But not implemented perfectly. So was not embed in MyTcl. I need many time for this feature implementation.

Thank you suggest.

smartcom Looks like a promising project, but in my experience (in Windows) the debugger crashes much too often to be seriously useful yet.

Siqsuruq - 2011-10-08 18:21:09

Really cool software, I'm running it on my test VMs (7 and XP).Im waiting for Linux version. It will be only Ubunto rpm package? And what about Slackware package? If its possible, all fans of Slackware will appreciate it, including me :) Thank you

ihmin - 2012-06-08 16:44:01

Based on the 8.5.11 Tcl core.

- Unexpected Debugger Stop (thanks olivierc)
- Many bugs.

- "Find in Files" Dialog.
- Highlight occurrence for code editor
- Properties for "Editor Properties" Window.
- Native Web-Browser
- Ruler for Code Editor
- Encoding detector for Code Editor.
- File Explorer Window.
- SNIT syntax for Code Explorer.

- Find Dialog
- Find & Replace Dialog
- Rules for "Auto Code Completion"

- Tcl/Tk Packages
- Installer script (thanks smartcom)

ivanixdev 2012-09-07

As of today, the Where link to does not work. please update. Also, if your code is not open source, i believe it should not be hosted on IMHO.

ihmin 2012-09-12 MyTcl official site has been moved to . thanks.