The NASA IMAGE mission involved launching a spacecraft to make detailed measurements of Earth's magnetosphere. It relied heavily on Tcl/Tk for processing and display of data.

The software developed for the mission is publicly available at: [L1 ]

A number of general purpose utility functions were written in Tcl for use in data processing. See [L2 ].

Some of the functions:

      TUarrayMath      Utilities applicable to numerical arrays
      TUbessenFN       Compute Bessel Functions
      TUdataCT         Geophysical coordinate transformations.
      TUdataFilter     1-D Data Filtering
      TUdataGrid       Place a set of data into a regular data grid (matrix)
      TUdataLSq1D      Generalized 1D Least Squares Fit
      TUdataLSq2D      2D Least Squares Fit
      TUdataLSq3D      3D Least Squares Fit
      TUdataMxMn       Maximum/Minimum locator for arrays of data.
      TUdataNLinLSq    Non-linear 2D Least Squares Fit to a Function
      TUdataNoOctal    Convert integer string to numerical value
      TUdataRnd1       Random number generator.
      TUdataStat       Determine the average value and variance of a data array.
      TUdataSwap       Swaps two data values
      TUdateConv       Convert Year/Day to Year/Month/Day and vice-versa
      TUfileSeek       Reposition the file pointer in a file
      TUgammaFn        Compute Γ(x) or ln(Γ(x))
      TUgridCut        Returns intensities along a cut through a grid
      TUgridFill1D     Fill gaps in a 1D data grid
      TUgridFill12D    Fill gaps in a 2D data grid
      TUgridFilter     Filter a 2D data grid
      TUgridGrow       Add rows or columns to a filled 2D grid
      TUgridInfo       Obtain information about a grid
      TUgridMath       Set of math operations suitable for data grids.
      TUgridNoise      Grid noise removal algorithms.
      TUgridPrint      Dump a grid to an ASCII file.
      TUgridReGrid     Regrid a grid
      TUgridRowCol     Get or replace a row or column of data in a grid
      TUgridTrim       Trim unused rows or columns off a grid
      TUintegTrap      Perform numerical integration
      TUlinearEq       Solve N coupled linear equations
      TUmatrixEig      Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric matrix
      TUmatrixInv      Matrix inversion and linear equation solver
      TUmatrixMath     Perform matrix operations
      TUmatrixRot      Rotation transformation matrix builder
      TUpolyExp1D      Computes the result of a 1D polynomial expression
      TUpolyExp2D      Computes the result of a 2D polynomial expression
      TUpolyExp3D      Computes the result of a 3D polynomial expression
      TUreadUDFrc      Parse the UDFrc file
      TUsolveCubic     Computes the solutions to a cubic equation.
      TUsolveQuadratic Computes the solutions to a quadratic equation.
      TUtimeCmp        Compare two times
      TUtimeFmt        Change time formats.
      TUtimeJulian     Compute a Julian time
      TUvecMath        A set of vector utilities
      TUyearLeap       Determines if a year is a leap year or not.