Description:NEP = Noch Ein Plotprogramm (Yet Another Plotter) Interactive plot program based on BLT, intended for interactive exploration of 1 or more datasets. Interactive panning, scaling, zooming, scrolling and jumping. Each dataset gets a natural scrolling distance, markers associated with the data for display. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0 and BLT 2.4i.
Currently at v2.0.3.
Contact:mailto:[email protected] > (Harald Kirsch)

Author link : Harald Kirsch

2005-09-19: The links above are dead. Where has this piece of software gone?

There's another project of his, bras, that has a page here: and there is a link with a different e-mail address there. Perhaps he can be contacted through that address.

AK: I have a copy of the NEP 1.0.0 sources in my archives.

See: [L1 ]