What: NExS

 Description: A Tcl/Tk interface to the NExS conNExions API is
        available, providing a powerful graphical scripting environment
        for adding user-defined features and functions to the NExS
        spreadsheet.  The network extensible features of NExS are included
        in the tcl extenson.  This is based on Tcl 7.6.
        The product is commercial, but a free, 30-day version of the
        NExS spreadsheet for HP/UX, AIX, Digital UNIX, Solaris 1,
        Solaris 2, and Linux platforms is available.
 Updated: 02/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: tclNExS
 Description: Application which maps the NExS Network Extensible Spreadsheet
        Connections API to the Tcl language.  NExS is a commercial
        product, available in a downloadable evaluation form.  See for more details.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] - a user's reference for NExS.