The NIST Identifier Collaboration Service or NICS, was a general-purpose registry for identifiers, implemented in Tcl, and designed in part to be used to manage resources such as namespaces within Tcl.


Managing Tcl's Namespaces Collaboratively , Don Libes, 1996

Further information on how NICS worked, moved here from How to build good packages:

You can register namespaces at: (404)

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035. An interesting site is (404), which is a database registry for various domains of topics. Don Libes has created a Tcl domain where one can, for instance, do a search for rand and find pointers to various implementations of random number generators for Tcl. The NICS paper Don presented at one of the Tcl conferences is found at [L1 ]. See also the news article [L2 ] (lost) for an explanation Don posted to comp.lang.tcl. A domain has also been created at the NIST Identifier Collaboration Service for Tcl object types.

The Wayback Machine shows the old NICS website: