Nov 2022 Tcl Meetup notes

Tcl Meetup 2022-11-8


  • (arjen) Recent discussions on new data types and support for them (also: the suggestions by Kevin about enhanced capabilities for expr). Perhaps a bit much for one meeting and I can only attend the first half hour.
  • (stevel) can give an update on the tclcompiler/tbcload work he and aku are undertaking

Follow ups:

  • stevel/dkf to facilitate uploading of builds to somewhere
  • TCLCORE message asking about release schedules now that TIP-push is over
  • TIP 644 - Ashok requests sponsorship and vote (stevel/dkf)
  • TIP 495 - approach Sean and see if he wants to progress (stevel)
  • rmax follow up on TclX with Peter da Silva
  • stevel to follow up on Tcl Conference with Peter da Silva
  • stevel to follow up re last Tcl Conference videos with Peter da Silva
  • start on changes / release notes files
  • look at postgres community for ideas on release scheduling (suggested by rmax)
  • need to look at state of contributed packages (e.g. take most recent version that works)
  • separate release manager for alpha / beta / release ... for consideration (harald)