OBST, an acronym for The OBject system of STONE is a persistent object management system. OBST was originally designed to serve as the common persistent object store for the tools in software engineering environments. An essential feature of STONE is that the object oriented paradigm is pursued consequently as a key concept. OBST is the common persistent object store for all tools within the STONE environment. OBST provides a rich OO model including multiple inheritance, generics, overloading, and privacy. The schema definition language is syntactically similar to C++. It comes with a library of pre-defined classes like Set, and List. New methods can be incrementally loaded at runtime.


The Object Management System of STONE - OBST Release 3.4.3 (1994) (Stone-3.4.3.pdf )
A paper on TclOBST was presented at Tcl93


Since OBST is no longer available elsewhere, and it is historically interesting, a copy is kept at ftp.tcl.tk


Tcl binding as a separate package:

tclOBST (alternates [L1 ] ,[L2 ] [L3 ])