Oldest living Tcl page

I just had to make a pointer to the oldest unmaintained Tcl page!


EG 2008.08.06 The above link doesn't work anymore.


pretty funny! But even better is the page just above that one:


Which proudly announces that it was last updated in 1993!

And poking around on that machine shows users ftp directories not touched since 1991!

LV: What does the medg web mpf web page have to do with Tcl though?

PSE: it is the parent dirctory of the dead GridWars dir. That machine seems to be intent on becoming a ghost host!

LV: I don't know - there are some sites which have made copies of the comp.lang.tcl FAQ and not bothered to refresh them for quite some time. Sigh.

MiR: 2016-02-29 Actually GridWars is still active here: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/medg/ftp/mpf/GridWars/ says gw.tcl 26-Jan-1993 20:21 14K