One-line web browser in Tcl

A good test of how good the 'vfs' support is in Tcl 8.4 (with the vfs package (note: the Tcl package name is 'vfs', but the sourceforge project is called tclvfs) is to take some code that was not designed with a vfs in mind and see if it still works.

The Tkhtml package comes with a script 'hv.tcl' which can be used as a local .html browser. We can test whether it works with remote files over a vfs:

   package req vfs::urltype; vfs::urltype::Mount http; set argv [list ""]; source hv.tcl

and, after a couple of second's delay, we actually get the page, and we can browse the web... This is quite impressive given hv.tcl is operating entirely through file, glob, open, cd, pwd, etc.

RS Hmm.. I'd call and format that as a six-liner.. ok, six-liner didn't sound as good as 1 -- Vince..

There are preview stand-alone builds of TclKit for Windows and Linux, which use the new VFS core and include support for the above example (see [L1 ]). See the TclKit home page [L2 ] for info on getting source code -- JCW

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