Orb Spinner

Orb Spinner Desktop CMS is a content management system designed for static websites. It has an embedded SQL database which is used to store website content. Website layout is stored in templates, and at the touch of a button Orb Spinner combines the layout with the content to create a finished website.

Once you create a site using Orb Spinner, updating information on the site is just as easy as entering data into a form. Orb Spinner handles the rest, including building the website and uploading it to an FTP server.

Orb Spinner Desktop CMS was designed to require little from the web server, so you can use it on virtually ANY web server that has FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. Other features included with Orb Spinner:

  • Built in SQL database
  • Built in scripting language (TCL)
  • FTP client
  • Customizable data entry forms
  • Detailed instructions
  • Allows you to preview website changes
  • Runs completely from your desktop computer

Has been suggested as a free alternative to CityDesk [L1 ]

Available at: [L2 ]





escargo 25 May 2007 - The web site (http://www.orbspinner.com ) seems to have become unavailable.

escargo 26 May 2010 - While cleaning up an old laptop, I found a Microsoft Windows version of Orb Spinner 1.3b. It's even still installed on that laptop, including an Orb Spinner Help file. Looking at the Internet Archive, the latest recorded complete version of the site http://web.archive.org/web/20061205031222/http://orbspinner.com/ was in December 2006. There was a news item that said that Orb Spinner was going to become open source, but instead it seems to have evaporated.

The 2004 version of the web site said that the page was copyrighted by the Fox Research Company.